(Haiyi Zhang)

Dr. Haiyi Zhang - Associate Professor

haiyi.zhang@acadiau.ca (or zhanghaiyi@hotmail.com)

Jodrey School of Computer Science - Carnegie Hall

27 University Avenue, Acadia University

Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

B4P 2R6

Office: CAR 318

Tel: (902) 585-1211

Fax: (902) 585-1067


Ph.D. - Harbin Institute of Technology (English Website)

Courses 2015-2016:

Comp 2663 Software Engineering 1

Comp 3773 Advanced Object Oriented Application Development With C++

Comp 3613 Artificial Intelligence 1

Comp 4613 Artificial Intelligence 2

Comp 3413 Automata

Comp 3703 Translators

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Honours Students 2019:

Professional Activities:

Library Liaison (2005 - 2007)
  • Communicate with University Library Committee on behalf of Acadia
  • Manage Acadia¬ís library acquisition budget
  • Encourage faculty to participate in literary collection building
Seminars and Special Speakers Coordinator (2004 - 2005)
  • Organize seminars with internal and external speakers
  • Co-ordinate with graduate representative for seminar dates
  • Entertain visitors to the seminars
APICS Representative (2002 - 2011)
  • Establish communications between APICS and Acadia
  • Organize Acadian participation in the conference
  • Organize local programming competition teams
  • Attend regional APICS (C.S.) committee meetings
Research Interests:
  • Image and Video Recognition
  • Machine Learning and Inference Mechanisms
  • Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
  • Logical Theory and Algorithms

Currently, I am doing the research work related to following topics:

  • 1. Temporal Video Segmentation Algorithm Based on Ensemble Learning
  • 2. Base Station Controlled Intelligent Clustering Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • 3. Web Image Retrieval Based on a User Interest Model

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For More Information:

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