mugshot of JD

Jim Diamond
Jodrey School of Computer Science
Acadia University
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada
B4P 2R6

CAR 409
(902) 585–1402
(902) 585–1067

Project and Thesis Topics
Winter 2018 courses
Winter 2018 Office hours (Subject to change!)
  • MWF 8:30–9:20
  • MWF other times by appointment or chance

Primary Research Interests
  • Lossless audio compression
  • Text compression
  • Graph drawing
  • Graph theory algorithms

Secondary Research Interests
  • Network-enabled music performance, education and testing

TeX Presentation and Reference Material
  • Here is a presentation designed as a very quick introduction to the TeX family of typesetting tools. The presentation points to a number of other documents and presentations, including both an honours thesis skeleton and a master's thesis skeleton, which can be used by thesis students to get a running start, should they wish to use LaTeX to typeset their thesis.

Random Reading Material
Not Quite As Random Reference Material

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